Voltage Boost Mod Product Photos

Your alternator is an essential part of your vehicle. Without it, you’re dead in the water after your battery drains. So many foreign and domestic vehicles are electronically limited on output from their alternators and as you add more and more aftermarket equipment to your vehicle, you want the most possible output available. The Voltage Boost Mods Stage One voltage booster helps eliminate your ECU limited voltage.

So what exactly does this do and why should I get it? Let’s say you run a large audio system out of your car and you upgraded to a 300a Singer alternator. If your vehicle is factory limited to 13v, you theoretically are limited to about 3,900w of power available from that alternator at 100% efficiency. But, after installing a voltage booster, your alternator is charging at 14.8v, you gain the potential of 4,400w of power availability. That’s about 13% more power from just a simple plug and play upgrade!


Mike Singer