Xplicit Coding is a company founded on the passions surrounding IT. I tailor to personal issues, business solutions, government contracts and everything in between to provide everyone and anyone any computer/IT related solution and help needed.

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My main focus at Xplicit Audio is the “Little Guys.” Everyone has heard of Rockford, Kicker and many more. But have you ever heard of Ampere Audio? Sky High Car Audio? Not many have. We focus on bringing these little “mom and pop” companies to light and giving them a shot to sell their exemplary products. I don’t like to think of myself as “another online shop.” I like to think of myself as the next step to a brick and mortar shop. I believe you should support your local shops and local economy. However if they are out of stock, or don’t quite have what you are looking for, give Xplicit Audio a shot.

This website is hosted and maintained by BigCommerce’s eCommerce platform. We took a basic theme and tweaked it heavily to meet the users demand. This website is a fully function eCommerce site with purchasable products, custom web pages, and mobile and PC sites.

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