Xplicit Coding is a company founded on the passions surrounding IT. I tailor to personal issues, business solutions, government contracts and everything in between to provide everyone and anyone any computer/IT related solution and help needed.

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Ampere Audio Website

Where Price Meets Performance

Ampere Audio was established in early 2013 to cater to the real basshead. Ampere Audio believes that sound quality and performance is the number one goal of our products. We strive to offer our customers the best service at an affordable price. The evolution of the consumers demand for higher quality products at affordable prices remains the key ingredient for future success of Ampere Audio.

This website was built off a WordPress platform. We built it tuned more for informational purposes to the public, but has a dealer and team login which opens up a shop and other various pages specifically geared toward them. A mobile and desktop version was developed and tested. It has been verified to be completely cross-platform compatible with any device.

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