Your Complete I.T Solution Specialist
From e-commerce websites, to computer repair, to custom liquid cooled PC builds. We do it all.

We utilize a 'out of the box' mentality when developing projects to give you a unique and personalized outcome
We offer call, text and email based communication so you always stay in the loop. As long as we're awake, we're in touch.
With global connections and experiences, we build solutions to target any audience you may need.
Anyone can Google and click the first link. But not everyone can go as in-depth in the research process as us. Staying up to date on the latest topics trends keeps up ahead of the game.
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page1_img2Thomas VanSlambrouck


I started this company to bring affordable I.T solutions to the every day consumer. If you are looking for I.T based help due to a lack of time, knowledge or man power, we are more than happy to help out in any way we can.

If we can't help complete the project you are looking for, we have partners in every field who can help.

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