Oshine is a beautiful creative multi-layout, multi-purpose wordpress portfolio theme with 18 unique demos. Oshine has been rated as one of the Best Portfolio & Photography themes in many popular blogs. We have carefully crafted each & every demo to ensure that a clean and modern design is carried through. Great design and Powerful features makes Oshine irresistible.

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Your Complete I.T Solution Specialist.
From e-commerce websites, to computer repair, to custom liquid cooled PC builds.
I do it all.


Hi! My name is Thomas VanSlambrouck. Over the years I have dabbled in pretty much all things IT related and i’m constantly growing my knowledge in IT every day! I’ve worked with individuals, small/medium businesses and even governments and local municipalities. I’ve worked on networks, camera systems, web development, systems administration, basic and advance virus removal, built computers from the ground up to fit your needs and much much more! If there isn’t something I have done yet, you don’t have to worry about me lying to get the business, I’ll tell you! We can either learn together or I can try and point you to someone else!

So whether you have a virus, you need a security system installed or your company needs a new web face lift, give me a shot! As always, please don’t hesitate to ask questions or even let me know about your day! Thanks!



I do my best to offer you a modern, beautiful design that will set you aside from not just your competitors, but the rest of the web itself.


I specialize in many types of programming languages, computer building techniques and other means of building the perfect project for you.


I want you to be noticed. Why have such a beautiful project no one can see? I will do my best to make sure your project is search engine optimized or advertised properly.